The transformative power of Yoga is at the core of my brand and runs through the very threads of collections. Developing a fabric that transformed an everyday plastic water bottle .we so readily use and flippantly dispose of. Regardless of the dire consequences to our Mother Earth became the seed my design journey grew from. I wanted to create a collection that encapsulated a Butterfly Effect embodying the concept that a small change in one place in this complex world can have a large effect somewhere elseThe onion metaphor has often been used to describe the process of delving into a person’s psyche. Layers are removed to reveal what is beneath, toward the core. The metaphor reflects the many layers that we have inside us. In the same way when thinking about my silhouettes I want to peel back the years of trends our culture has premeditated and create clothing that reflects our core and inner beauty. When searching through the history archives for inspiration I was struck by the original garments warn by the Greeks The Chiton, this was a simple tunic, which consisted of a wide rectangular tube of material secured along the shoulders and upper arms by a series of fasteners. The simplicity of the beginning, nature and honoring the body our soul resides inspired me. So my designs became rooted in this simple and versatile idea of draping the fabric around your body rather than squeezing it into someone else's idea of size and shape. My wraps can be worn a different way every day to reflect the versatility on your spirit. We want to get dressed in the morning, and see the best possible version of ourselves looking back. We want clothing to reflect our inner beauty and the transformative journey our life if taking us on. Hanuman Yoga Clothing is a lifestyle,live it.  

-Minhee Cha -